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Natural Fairness Skin Lightening Body Lotion

Natural Fairness Body Lotion - 250ml

Natural Fairness Body Lotion has a silky and light formulation that helps to eliminate and prevent the formation of pigmentation, dark spots & acne blemishes.

Additional ingredients combined within this lotion protects the skin against premature ageing & future discoloration whilst effectively lightening and evening out skin-tone - naturally!!

It is fully absorbed into the skin with no greasy film left on the surface of the skin. As a hydrating lotion it replenishes your lost skin moisture leaving your skin feeling cool, soothed and fresh!

Recomended for safe and effective use on all areas of the body not exposed to the sun!!

  • Clinically proven to give results
  • Eliminates & prevents formation of pigmentation spots & dark spots
  • Lightens and balances skin colour tone
  • Removes pigmentation spots
  • Removes acne blemishes
  • Replenishes lost moisture - leaving the skin feeling cool, soothed & fresh
  • Protects skin against future discoloration
  • Enhances the skin's natural self-repair process
  • Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth & supple
  • Nourishes & maintains youthful fairness appearance

Achieve the perfect skin tone you have always desired....safely & naturally!!






As of January 2001, cosmetic products containing the ingredient Hydroquinone are banned in the EU & UK. This comes about after more than 10 years of lobbying by safety campaigners & organisations all over the world.


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