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Natural Fairness Skin Lightening Hydrating Lotion

Natural Fairness Hydrating Lotion- SPF15 100ml

Natural Fairness Hydrating Lotion has a silky and light formulation that helps to eliminate and prevent the formation of pigmentation, dark spots & acne blemishes.

Additional ingredients combined within this lotion protects the skin against sun damage, premature ageing & future discoloration whilst effectively lightening and evening out skin-tone - naturally!!

It is fully absorbed into the skin with no greasy film left on the surface of the skin. As a hydrating lotion it replenishes your lost skin moisture leaving your skin feeling cool, soothed and fresh!

Safe and effective to use all over the body!!

  • Clinically proven to give results
  • Eliminates & prevents formation of pigmentation spots & dark spots
  • Lightens and balances skin colour tone
  • Removes pigmentation spots
  • Removes acne blemishes
  • Replenishes lost moisture - leaving the skin feeling cool, soothed & fresh
  • Protects skin against future discoloration
  • Protects against premature aging - Anti-aging & Anti-wrinkle ingredients
  • Contains UV block SPF-15
  • Enhances the skin's natural self-repair process
  • Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth & supple
  • Nourishes & maintains youthful fairness appearance
  • Can be used all over the body

Achieve the perfect skin tone you have always desired....safely & naturally!!

Natural Fairness Skin Lightening Hydrating Lotion SPF-15





As of January 2001, cosmetic products containing the ingredient Hydroquinone are banned in the EU & UK. This comes about after more than 10 years of lobbying by safety campaigners & organisations all over the world.


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