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Natural Fairness Skin Lightening Hydrating Lotion - SPF 15

Natural Fairness Hydrating Lotion-SPF 15
Directions For Use


This unique formula is silky & light and provides SPF-15 combined with Anti-ageing & Anti-wrinkle. This lotion visibly eliminates and prevents the formation of pigmentation, dark spots & acne blemishes; protects skin against premature ageing and future discoloration; whilst lightening and evening out skin tone.

Replenishes lost skin moisture leaving the skin feeling nourished, smoother and looking radiant. Provides sun protection factor SPF-15.





Skin lightening plus daytime moisturiser with SPF 15 (sun protection), Anti-wrinkle & Anti-ageing - use on any area exposed to the sun.


•  lightens and balances skin colour tone

•  brightens, illuminates and protects the skin

•  eliminates & prevents formation of pigment spots, acne scars/ blemishes and other skin discolorations

•  protects skin against sun damage and premature ageing

•  restores vital moisture and boost the skin's ability to retain moisture

•  rebuilds the skin's natural defences and accelerate cell renewal



1) After cleansing, use Natural Fairness Hydrating Lotion as and when required. Can be used on face and/or body & can be applied day and/or night.

2) Apply Hydrating Lotion and massage into the skin using circular motions until the lotion is fully absorbed.

Use Natural Fairness Skin Lightening Hydrating Lotion - SPF 15

3) Apply extra lotion to the problematic, darker areas of your skin and massage in until the lotion is fully absorbed.

Wait a few minutes before applying make-up if required.

After cleansing with the soap, apply Natural Fairness Essence Lotion as your night cream. This is a concentrated formula so use sparingly on first application to determine the correct amount for your skin.



As of January 2001, cosmetic products containing the ingredient Hydroquinone are banned in the EU & UK. This comes about after more than 10 years of lobbying by safety campaigners & organisations all over the world.


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