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In Japan, Matsutake mushroom oil has been used for traditional skin whitening lotions, ointments and skin-whitening soaps for hundreds of years.

This ingredient is also known throughout East Asia as Songyi mushroom oil in Korea, Taiwan and China.

The Imperial Queens and Royal Concubines used Songyi Gel as a facial / body fair-skin complexion remedy in ancient Chinese Imperial Palace households.

The Songyi mushrooms were soaked in a wine and spring water combination for three full moons (approximately 84 days & nights) and the gellified mixture steamed for three days.

Natural Fairness Skin Lightening Songyi Mushroom

The resultant gel was then kept in a container for daily applications on the facial and body skin for whitening purposes. This application was used in all seasons to protect against winter snow-glare darkened skin, and summer-sun darkened skin with immense results. The other method used by Chinese Royalty involved soaking the mushrooms in sesame oil and using the gelled oil for the same whitening purposes.

In Japan, this fair-skin complexion improving remedy is traditionally known by two Japanese names or terms:

"MATSUTAKE-ORIGO" and "MATSUTAKE-KUSEKI" both of which are used and defines the same purpose - WHITENING THE SKIN.

This mushroom oil was rediscovered and incorporated into the antiseptic soaps and skin-whitening elegant bath soaps, since 1994.

Natural Fairness Skin Lightening Songyi Mushroom

Matsutake Gel Oil is a perfect active whitening ingredient for Skin-Whitening soap bars and liquid soaps with skin-compatible pH for immediate whitening effect and skin rejuvenation.


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Songyi Mushroom extract is the natural alternative for new whitening active ingredient in skin whitening / lightening products.

Unlike other conventional lightening products, this novel Songyi Mushroom extract has been bio-engineered and extracted so as not to leave a tingling sensation on the skin, typically the telltale sign of pigment cell death.

The Songyi Mushroom's essence has effective brightening qualities with the additional functions of clearing and fading away darkened, pigmented spots and caring for the skin with replacement human-identical skin ceramides.

Normal skin ceramide losses, which causes visible skin ageing, can be replaced by the Songyi ceramides for rejuvenation of young skin conditions.

It is extra-mild and causes no irritation to the face (or any other part of the body) and sustained use will enrich and soften the skin, making it clear, lighter and bright.



As of January 2001, cosmetic products containing the ingredient Hydroquinone are banned in the EU & UK. This comes about after more than 10 years of lobbying by safety campaigners & organisations all over the world.


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